The Greens are pushing for the NSW Government to take the following action:

  • Invest in public and active transport projects and infrastructure, and move more freight onto rail,
  • Cancel unnecessary and polluting toll road projects such as NorthConnex and WestConnex,
  • Adopt bold modal share targets for public transport, alongside a clear strategy for achieving them.











During the 2015 state election, The Greens released Making Public Transport Work for Communities: The Greens Transport Vision and 2020 Infrastructure Plan for NSWThis is a plan to redirect the money spent on toll roads and invest in the critical public transport projects we need by the end of this decade, and it comprises the first stage of the Greens plan for public transport. It includes:

  • $2.1 billion for light rail projects in New South Wales, including in Western Sydney,
  • $1 billion to finally build the Epping to Parramatta Rail Link,
  • $450 million to buy back the Airport Link train line and scrap the Station Access Fee,
  • $400 million for world-class transport to the Central Coast, the Hunter and Newcastle,
  • $250 million for integrated cycleways across Sydney,
  • $231 million to fast track and expand the Transport Access Program to over $1 billion,
  • $100 million to invest in new and innovative community transport initiatives,
  • $50 million to reopen train services between Casino and Lismore.

With the sell-off of NSW electricity assets, the NSW Government is planning to spend billions on introducing a new privately-operated lower capacity train service in Sydney and extending the WestConnex motorway across Sydney Harbour. These are huge mistakes.

Instead of privatising our rail network and continuing to expand our toll road system, we must:

  • Build High Speed Rail through New South Wales and connected to Victoria, the ACT and Queensland,
  • Increase rail capacity and service frequency dramatically across the Sydney Trains network through rolling out automated signalling and investigating options for new lines,
  • Connect regions with fast and efficient rail, and reopen the Newcastle rail line and the full Casino-Murwillumbah rail line,
  • Expand and improve bus and community transport networks in cities and towns across New South Wales, including more services and better reliability,
  • Integrate cycling and walking infrastructure into all city and regional planning, and adopt ‘A Metre Matters’ laws to protect cyclists,
  • Make transport affordable and accessible by making every train station fully accessible, expanding the free school travel program to cover the light rail network, extend transport concessions beyond pensioners and students to cover all low-income earners with Health Care Cards,
  • Work with communities to develop transport priorities to implement with them.